Keyboard navigation

Navigation in a web page should be possible using only the keyboard, particularly for people who cannot use a mouse. This feature is supported directly by the browser. It is important to verify it is operating correctly, as some developments can lead to difficulties to properly navigate the page.

To test if your service is accessible using the keyboard, you can try to navigate without your mouse. All available features must be accessible.

Reminder: the focus must be visible enough on all focusable elements.

List of keyboard shortcuts: #

keyboard shortcuts illustration

List of keyboard shortcuts
Interactions Shortcuts
To move the focus Tab
To move backwards the focus Shift + Tab
To activate the element that has the focus (link, button, menu…) Return key
To check / uncheck a checkbox Spacebar
To select of the radio buttons into a radio group arrow keys Up / Down ou Left / Right
To move in a drop-down list arrow keys Up / Down, then Spacebar
To scroll(scrollbar) arrow keys Up / Down for a vertical scrollbar,
arrow keys Left / Right for a horizontal scrollbar

Note: on Mac, keyboard navigation must be enabled first:
In Safari: Edit > Preferences… > Advanced
Then check the box “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage”.