Some personas

Simple actions for the inclusion of all

In France, 12 million people live with one or more disabilities. Visible or not, these deficiencies can create difficulties in the daily life of many people, particularly in their digital uses. These situations of digital disabilities aren’t inevitable, we can all act to avoid them. Are you a creator of communication media? Are you participating in the development of a web project or a mobile application? Do you use social networks? You can act! Thanks to this set of personae, you will discover the issues related to the different deficiencies and that are easy to deploy. To go further, this dedicated to digital accessibility website offers you to discover solutions to improve the accessibility of your productions.

5 personas to learn about digital accessibility


Amelie has always been blind. Perfectly fluent in braille, she is also bilingual (bacherlor’s degree in English). Besides, she is a rather gifted pianist.

She’s been working for Orange for 10 years as a teleconsultant.


Charlene has been dyslexic since childhood and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She is a yoga teacher, and this practice has allowed her to flourish with her pathologies. However, she really must use her brain, has difficulty concentrating and has the need to always stay in action.


Michel has dry AMD. His disease was diagnosed 2 years ago following an abnormal decrease in his visual acuity, distorted perception of images and discomfort in night vision. Since that day, his life has changed.


Samir became deaf following contracted meningitis at the age of one year. His first language is sign language. He is bilingual, sign language and written English.

He does not consider himself handicapped, he has always been deaf and communicates normally with other deaf people.


Thierry is an accountant and a relentless violinist.

He now suffers from serious musculoskeletal disorders that interfere with his daily life, if only to shave or drive. His sedentary professional activity, sitting in front of a computer, only makes things worse.