WCAG audit

The purpose of the WCAG audit is to calculate the compliance rates found in the accessibility statements which are available on Orange apps.

Orange has developed a grid of questions called the va11ydette. This grid consists of 52 questions, that between them cover the 50 criteria of the WCAG version 2.1 levels A and AA. Each question is used to validate or invalidate one or more criteria, and any given criterion can be addressed by one or more questions.

The grid calculates a compliance rate per screen audited: this rate is equal to the sum of the criteria that are compliant, divided by the number of criteria that are applicable. It also calculates the average compliance rate, which corresponds to the average of the compliance rates of the screens tested.

Go to the va11ydette #

The link below opens the grid in a new browser tab.

Open the va11ydette (new tab)