Android's essential criteria for design

This guide presents the different accessibility criteria required to obtain an accessible Android application. Each criterion is presented by explaining for whom it is important, when it can be implemented, and the accessibility rule that results from it.

We invite you to install the mDAN application to get functional examples with TalkBack, Android screen reader, and other support tools. For more information about the tool (how to activate it, how to use it...) please refer to the section about TalkBack.

For the web, the level of accessibility required of any HTML interface by the Orange Group is compliance with level AA criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, without any blocking points following a technical support user test for the main scenarios of use of application functionalities. For native mobile applications, a transposition of these criteria and compliance with the Android platform recommendations in terms of accessibility are required, see these recommendations.

If the mobile application is for Orange, it is necessary to follow the group's design recommendations. The respect of the Orange charter for Android, especially in the use of colors is a prerequisite. We invite you to refer to the Orange group's accessibility guideline and to the group's Android design charter.