News on the Va11ydette

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The Va11ydette makes it possible to carry out audits on the WCAG reference system and to obtain a percentage of compliance.
A lot of changes have been made on the Va11ydette, we will give you a summary.

The new RGAA checklist is available #

You've all been waiting for it, it's finally here!!!
The checklist based on the RGAA repository is available on the Va11ydette.

You can now audit a site, looking at the 106 criteria of the RGAA.
For all criteria, the links redirect to the official RGAA glossary.

At the end of your audit, you will have access to the overall compliance percentage.
You will also have the option of exporting your audit in excel format, in order to return to the project all the anomalies noted.


This checklist is only available in French.

Start your audit on the RGAA checklist

Added good practice criteria to the WCAG web checklist #

New features are also present on the WCAG Web checklist.

Previously there were two checklists, one for making declarations and the second allowing for more in-depth audits.
We decided to remove the audit checklist in order to focus on a single audit grid.

It is now possible to activate the best practice criteria in order to make our website as accessible as possible.
Currently 7 good practice criteria have been added, but more will be added in the future.

Do you want to contribute or propose criteria for good practices? Do it on the Va11ydette Git Hub.