Orange Open source tools

Here is our list of open source tools for the web:

  • Orange Boosted: allows you to create accessible web sites branded with Orange colours.
  • Orange Comfort+: allows you to improve user comfort while browsing your website.

Orange Boosted


Orange Boosted is an HTML, CSS and Javascript framework based on the popular framework Bootstrap. It allows to quickly create a responsive and accessible website branded with the Orange colours.

Why you should use it?

  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Orange branded
  • Enhanced with more accessible components
  • Enriched with specific components we use at Orange
  • Example pages
  • Open source, MIT license

Official site

Orange Boosted with Bootstrap

Orange Confort+


The Orange Comfort+ service can adapt the layout of a website to improve comfort during the navigation. It has a wide range of settings that can improve the comfort of all users. It also provides valuable assistance to users with motor, visual or cognitive disabilities.

You can test the service by clicking on the “Comfort+” button at the top right of this page.

Its main features:

  • Useful for all users
  • Supports different user disabilities
  • Works with all websites
  • Also available as a browser extension
  • Open source, MIT license

screenshot of the Comfort+ service

Browser Extensions

Official website

Orange Comfort+