Orange web accessibility guidelines

Accessibility, a benefit for all, a need for some!

Web accessibility definition

An accessible web service can be used by anyone:

  • A valid person,
  • elderly people,
  • people with disabilities (temporary or permanent).

and in all situations:

  • with any kind of material: web browser, PC, MAC, mobile phones, tablet;
  • in an unfavourable environment: poor luminosity, touchpad while moving, etc.;
  • with specific software that compensates a disability.

Site organization

Essential criteria

List of the most important criteria according to your profile, based on a subset of the WCAG 2.1 level AA recommendations. A good way to be aware of the main criteria and commit progressively to accessibility.

Requirements list

This section is for developers. Everything you need to know to code accessible pages and to perform the tests to validate developments.

Methods and testing tools

For those who want to check the accessibility of their websites more or less automatically with tools. Finally, all the technical and methodological tools to review pages.

Open source Orange tools

Presentation of the Boosted library and the Comfort+ service.


Didactic examples for certain types of components or elements of the user interface particularly difficult to make accessible but frequently used. Everything is explained, just go ahead!

These examples use the Boosted library. It is based on Bootstrap and lets you create and quickly test the accessibility and responsiveness of a website. This library is branded with the Orange colours.

Technical articles

Technical articles on setting up web accessibility.