Orange mobile accessibility guidelines

Accessibility: a need for some, a benefit for all!

Mobile accessibility definition

It is an application usable by everyone

  • People with no disabilities.
  • Elderly people.
  • People with disabilities (temporary or permanent).

and in all situations

  • With any kind of material: mobile browser, Android, iOS, tablet.
  • In an unfavourable environment: poor luminosity, touchpad while moving,...
  • With specific software that compensate the handicap.

Site organization


... to be completed.


1. Design criteria

List of different accessibility criteria for obtaining an accessible mobile app.
A good way to be aware of the main criteria and commit progressively in accessibility.

2. Developers guide

Section for developers.
Everything you need to know to code accessible on mobile.

3. VoiceOver

Guide to using the native screen reader.
Details all the necessary gestures for a VoiceOver complete mastery.


Contains many detailed World Wide Developers Conference videos that represent a significant milestone to mobile accessibility.

5. Tests

Includes tests to be done so as to be sure that the iOS recommendations are taken into account before the prod launching.


mDAN application overview, the digital accessibility demonstrator for mobile.

Some useful links that will complete the explanation of this website.