Orange digital accessibility guidelines

How to test digital accessibility ?

Orange evaluates the accessibility of mobile applications, web sites or any other digital services using three complementary methods :

  • Technical evaluation (compliance with standards)
    These tests consist in checking the source code and color contrast to measure compliance with WCAG for Web pages and with best practices for other technology platforms. Tests can be partly performed automatically by tools but the majority requires manual control.

  • Functional evaluation (compatibility with assistive technologies)
    These tests aim at checking the interfaces behavior with keyboard-only navigation and with assistive technologies to make sure the service works with them. Assistive technologies include at least screen reader and software magnifier.

  • User evaluation (usability focused on accessibility barriers)
    User evaluation refers to having digital services tested by users with disabilities. Users are asked to perform a series of tasks, usually the main scenarios of the service. The objective is to check the usability of the service from an accessibility point of view and to validate with users how critical are the remaining issues. These tests are managed by accessibility experts.

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