Design emails accessible to all

Here is a list of recommendations for writing (or producing templates that generate) messages that are accessible, that is to say, understandable by all.

What can be problematic? #

Above all:

Important #

If your communication contains a lot of information and its layout needs to be complex:

"Everyday" emails #

For all your everyday emails:

Pushmails / newsletters / automatic communications #

You have several options for creating an accessible Pushmail.

From a Word document #

  1. Create a Word document accessible by following the Word accessibility guidelines.
  2. Then use the "Send to Mail Recipient"* option.

Add this Option the first time via File> Options> Quick access toolbar> “Send to Mail Recipient”

From a newsletter / mailing tool #

It is quite possible that the tool you have chosen will provide natively accessible templates, but that does not preclude following our general guidelines for editorial content.
Always check:

Creation from HTML (or other dedicated tool) #

Compose the HTML code in an accessible way by following our main web recommendations.

Important: given the interpretation issues of multiple mail clients, the layout should instead be done via tables using the role=presentation attribute in the table tag.
In order to occasionally test the support for HTML and CSS in the various email clients, use Can I email? and Can I use in HTML emails? Websites.
To test your entire email campaign, use the Accessible email site.